20+ Years Experience

About Enginef.

We are an International Digital transformer specializing in the design and delivery of software platforms that can ‘10x’ your business. We provide innovative Online, Mobile and Digital Commerce solutions and pre-configured digital accelerators for multiple industries with an initial focus on financial institutions, banks, Digital Lending, and Ecosystem Commerce. Our team averages over 20 years world-class Financial & Technology experience across multiple industry sectors. During our careers, we’ve delivered really interesting and challenging leading-edge projects around the world.

Our Platform

The Uncaged Platform from Enginef combines an innovative and inspirational cocktail of software components and services that can digitally transform your business in weeks and months not years.

Our Scalability

The Enginef platform is a modern, standards-based platform designed and built for the Cloud.  It’s a so-called Cloud Native platform and is highly scalable. Coupled with a unique architecture that reduces the costs of operations, the Enginef platform provides future-proofed capabilities and is highly scalable.

Our Technology

The Enginef platform has been designed to support a multitude of business use-case scenarios and therefore has to scale in a near-linear manner.  Performance tests carried out show the platforms capable of supporting many millions of transactions. Benchmark data is available to contracted customers.

How We Work.

After agreeing / collaboratively defining a set of goals to transform your business, we will analyse, devise and then configure an appropriate set of capabilities comprising existing, new and third party services. To accelerate your time to market, we can offer our clients the opportunity to purchase value-adding pre-configured Quick Start service packages.

Stories on the blog.

Through our Blog we want to engage with you on relevant industry topics. Alternative and contraction thinking to counterbalance Industry hype.

Building the Future Together

Working to co-create some amazing software products.

Companies we have worked with: